US Attorney William Barr Resigns

United States Attorney General William “Bill” Barr has resigned. President Donald Trump has announced this. Barr was a staunch supporter of Trump.


Just after the electoral college named Joe Biden as the winner of the US presidential election, Donald Trump distributed a letter from his Attorney General William Barr announcing that he would resign by Christmas.

That happens on December 23, less than a month before Biden takes the oath as American president.

Trump was deeply disappointed that Barr was less supportive of his legal battle against the election result than hoped. Trump reported the news on Twitter.

“Our relationship was excellent, and he did a fantastic job,” Trump said, although the president clearly indicated a few weeks earlier that Barr had fallen from grace.

Before stepping down, Barr will “finalize some remaining files,” according to his letter, which is primarily a eulogy of Trump.

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