Meghan Markle Complains About Life as a Royal in Leaked Emails: I Have Control Over Only One Thing

Unusual Measure: So Duchess Meghan Wants to Avoid Mistakes. She is the newest member of the British royal family, and it is no wonder that Duchess Meghan accidentally does something different.


But apparently, the team of the Kensington Palace wants as few “mistakes” as possible to penetrate the public and takes exciting action.

She laughs, she waves – and gladly takes her husband’s hand. Duchess Meghan (36) does at least two out of three things perfect when she appears.

As much as the people like to see the loving gestures of Meghan and Prince Harry (33), the royal family is not a fan of public caresses. And so the kissing staff at the Charity Polo Tournament may have been a last thorn in the side.

They could not prevent this, but now a Royal reporter unpacks that regularly accompanies the couple on their appointments.

Richard Palmer is a journalist and writes for the British daily newspaper “Daily Express”. He is the correspondent for reporting on the royal family and is often there when Harry, Meghan, Kate (36), William (36) and the Queen (92) occur.

On his Twitter page, however, the author writes on Tuesday (July 31), however, questionable. “British journalists are now positioned further away from Meghan than before the wedding.

That means we can not hear what she says, “says Palmer. Whether this is done extra so that it does not appear in the media when the Duchess of Sussex says something rash?

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