America is Embarrassed on the Global Stage: Mike Pence Lashes Out at Joe Biden

Vice President Mike Pence’s nomination as Donald Trump’s running mate marks the highlight of the Republican Convention on Wednesday.


Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump and his advisor Kellyann Conway also speak.

Pence accepts the nomination at Fort McHenry in Baltimore, the site of the defeat of the British army in 1814. Francis Scott Key wrote a poem about that fight that eventually became the American national anthem.

The Republicans want to emphasize during their convention the special status they believe the United States has. For example, the emphasis is placed on heroism, among other things.

As a running mate, Pence takes on his Democratic counterpart Kamala Harris in debates. The vice president was one of the few Republicans to congratulate Harris on her nomination.

The convention is officially held in Charlotte, North Carolina. Many speeches take place in other locations, such as Fort McHenry, but also from Washington. Still, there are spectators present in Charlotte.

These are mainly the so-called ‘delegates’, who officially determine who will be the presidential candidate. They have already nominated President Trump on Monday.

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