Foreign Exchange Rate Biden: Tough on China, Strengthening Old Ties

The incoming Secretary of State of the United States, Anthony Blinken, has spoken positively on Tuesday about the Trump administration’s harsh course against China.


It was well-founded, although the upcoming top US diplomat emphasized that at times he would have preferred other methods. Blinken also said it would make efforts to restore damaged ties between the US and old allies.

Blinken backed Tuesday’s statement by his predecessor Mike Pompeo, who earlier today accused China of genocide against Uyghurs, an Islamic minority living in the northwestern Chinese region of Xinjiang.

Blinken told the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee that he has no doubts that China will cause the US the most problems in the coming years. The candidate said he was confident that the Republicans could also agree with the upcoming course concerning China.

Blinken also said repairing damaged relations with the US’s old allies is becoming a priority. According to Blinken, a united front is needed to face China, Russia and Iran. After four years of regular solo appearances by the US on the world stage, Blinken said he wanted to work “with modesty” with other countries.

“We have a big task ahead of us in restoring, reviving those relations. I think it is starting to show up again,” said Blinken. “Some of our allies and partners are questioning based on the past few years. the sustainability of our commitments and it will be challenging to convince them. “

Blinken seemed to go down well with both the Democratic and Republican Senators on Tuesday. The Senate must ultimately approve his appointment as minister. Blinken testified two weeks after the Capitol was attacked by a mob of Trump supporters seeking to thwart the democratic process.

Aware of the reputation damage to the US, Blinken emphasized modesty. “Modesty because we have a lot of work to do here to improve our reputation abroad,” said Blinken.

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