Android is Going to Revoke Permission from Unused Apps

A new security feature should automatically revoke the permissions of unused apps. The feature is coming to all recent versions of Android, starting with version 6.


The intention is, among other things, to protect users from ‘crapware’, apps that were already on the smartphone when you bought it, or that you have downloaded once and have completely forgotten about it.

The feature was first introduced in Android 11 as a privacy measure, so unused apps will revoke all permissions over time so that they can no longer track you from the background. Unfortunately, this means that when you open an app again after a year, you will have to give all kinds of permissions again.

That feature is now coming to other versions as well, starting with issue 6, Android Marshmallow. This makes it available for the vast majority of the 3 billion active Android devices.

The feature will be rolled out via an update in Google Play Services at the end of this year. To get it, you will have to visit the Play Store, after which it will be downloaded automatically.

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