Major Hacker Site RaidForums Taken Down

A major underground site where hackers shared their achievements has been taken down. In addition, the suspected administrator of the RaidForums network and two possible accomplices have been arrested.


RaidForums, founded in 2015, had over half a million users. They sold access to important stolen data files belonging to American and British companies. It contained billions of credit card details, account numbers, usernames and passwords of millions of people. Such information can be used to commit fraud.

The suspected administrator is a 21-year-old Portuguese who was arrested in Britain in January. He is still in custody pending extradition to the United States. Another suspect is a 21-year-old man from London. He was arrested in March and has since been released. British authorities seized hundreds of thousands of euros in virtual money when he was arrested.

The domain names of the forum (, and have been taken over. There is now a large message on the site that the authorities are in control of the site.

The European Police Service Europol, the British National Crime Agency, the US Department of Justice and the Swedish police have publicly announced the action. Authorities in Germany, Portugal and Romania were also involved in the operation.

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