Tokyo will Decide on Fans at the Olympics in the Short Term

Seoul and Pyongyang want to bid to jointly host the 2032 Olympic Games in South Korea and North Korea.


The International Olympic Committee recently expressed its preference for the Australian city of Brisbane for that edition.

On Thursday, the South Korean capital Seoul board said that it had submitted a proposal on the vision and concept to host the Games to the IOC’s allocation committee jointly.

Seoul and administrators in the North Korean capital Pyongyang deplore the IOC’s “surprising decision” to express Brisbane’s preference but said they would continue with the bid.

The Seoul administration spoke of the legitimacy to co-host the Games and stressed that it supports the IOC’s vision of achieving world peace through sport and is a long-held desire of both Koreas governments for peace in the peninsula.

At the 2018 Games in Pyeongchang, the two countries walked into the stadium together at the opening ceremony and were active with a joint women’s ice hockey team. North and South Korea have been formally enemies since the 1950s, the outcome of the Korean War.

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