Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx Spotted with Two Mysterious women in Two Days. Jamie Foxx has had a few pleasant days.


The 51-year-old actor was spotted on Friday with an unknown blonde and left a nightclub with a mysterious brunette on Saturday, according to the reports.

The last lady would be a singer who would have taken Jamie under his wing.

Whether there is also a romantic click with the women is not known.

The actor is very committed to his privacy and rarely makes statements about his relationship status.

As far as we know, Jamie is still together with Katie Holmes.

The actor and actress have been a set since 2013 but only confirmed their relationship last May by appearing together at the Met Gala in New York.

The two have not been spotted together in public since, but that is not so special.

It happened only a few times during their six-year relationship.

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