Lieve Mona

‘Dear Mona’ (87) passed Away. Loek Kessels, better known to the general public as Lieve Mona from the weekly magazine Story, died at the age of 87. Kessels suffered from colon cancer since 2017.


She announced her death on Facebook last week. She wrote that she still had a week to live.

“If I am no longer there if I am where life is still, know that a part of me will never leave you,” Kessels wrote.

Kessels’ daughter Katinka now posted a very last message from her mother: “Woven with the love of friends are the wings with which I will soon fly away.

They give me strength.” The funeral of Kessels is closed.

Recently, thousands of people expressed their support for Lieve Mona.

She received more than 300,000 letters as the source of information.

She wrote her section from 1974 to early 1999 and from 2006.

From 2005 she also had a similar program with the Limburg radio station L1.

She answered letters personally that she could not include in the section.

Story editor-in-chief Guido den Attractker also said:

 “Loek has been invaluable to Story and her readers, but as a human, she was for everyone. Deep for her. “

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