Gaza Strip Truce is Being Complied with for the Time Being

A ceasefire brought by Egypt in the Gaza conflict is still being observed. The Israeli army confirmed Monday morning that no rockets had been fired from the Palestinian Gaza Strip into Israel since the ceasefire on Sunday evening.


The Israeli army has also not attacked any new targets in the coastal strip.

After three days of fighting, the ceasefire lasted at 11:30 p.m. local time. The Israeli army had launched a military operation with air strikes on Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip. According to Israeli information, the extremist group planned an anti-tank missile attack in the border area with the Gaza Strip before the military operation.

The confrontation erupted after the arrest of an extremist leader in the West Bank a week ago.

According to the military, militant Palestinians have fired more than 1,000 rockets into Israeli cities since Friday; in response, 200 hit the Gaza Strip itself. Since Friday, 44 people have been killed and 360 injured in the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian health ministry said. The dead included fifteen children and four women. The Palestinians blamed Israel.

On the other hand, the Israeli military emphasized that jihad missiles had claimed civilian lives in the Gaza Strip.

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