Iran is Ready to Resume Talks on Nuclear Program

Iran is ready to resume talks with Western powers over its nuclear program. A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Monday. Tehran definitely wants an agreement, but he did not say when exactly negotiations will resume.


Ali Bagheri, an Iranian negotiator in the talks, already announced on Twitter on Sunday that there is a “quick solution.” Thus, he responded to a proposal by the European High Representative for Foreign Policy Josep Borrell to get out of the deadlock.

In 2015, Iran signed an agreement with the US, Germany, France, Britain, Russia, China, and the EU not to develop nuclear weapons. However, in 2018, under the impulse of then-US President Donald Trump, the US withdrew from the agreement, after which Tehran increasingly violated the limits on its nuclear program.

Under current US President Joe Biden, talks were started in 2021 to resuscitate the nuclear deal, but they have been at a dead end for several months. The lifting of US sanctions against Iran and the status of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, which is on the US terror list, remain the main points of contention.

Iran, meanwhile, is also questioning cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency. The regime has sealed the IAEA surveillance cameras at Iran’s nuclear facilities and will not reactivate them until the nuclear deal is agreed upon.

In addition, the country’s uranium enrichment level has been raised to 60 percent, while the cap under the 2015 agreement is at 3.6 percent. Tehran warns that it could go up to 90 percent, which is technically enough to develop a nuclear weapon.

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