Twitter Adheres to EU Sanctions Against Russian State Media

Social network site Twitter temporarily suspended the account of Marjorie Taylor Greene, a far-right member of the US House of Representatives on Sunday.


She allegedly violated the rules surrounding the platform’s integrity.

Greene was elected to Georgia in November. She openly supports the far-right conspiracy group QAnon and had earlier in the day tweeted about the Georgia Senate elections, which she said was fraudulent. Georgia’s two Republican senators lost their seat earlier this month, giving Democrats a majority in the Senate.

Her posts had received a disclaimer on Twitter that the election fraud allegations were not proven, and the tweets could not be answered or retweeted. On Sunday afternoon, Twitter decided to suspend its account for 12 hours as part of the fight against messages calling for violence after Trump supporters stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6.

Just days after Silicon Valley launched a multifaceted attack to muzzle freedom of speech in the US by removing President Donald Trump from their platforms and wiping out numerous conservative profiles, Twitter decided to open my personal account without explanation to suspend,” Greene said in a statement. “This monopoly that some major tech companies have on American political discourse is going too far.”

Twitter reported last week that it had already cancelled more than 70,000 accounts spreading messages about QAnon. Supporters of QAnon believe that members of the US elite are paedophile Satanists involved in a plot against President Trump. They rely on messages from a specific “Q”, an anonymous user of an internet forum.

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