Series of Rocket Attacks on Americans in Iraq, Several Injured

US personnel in Iraq have been repeatedly bombarded with missiles in a short period. In addition, the US embassy and an army base with troops from the United States came under fire. Responsibility has not yet been claimed, but similar shelling has pointed to pro-Iranian militias who want the US to leave their country.


Iraqi security officials say two rockets were fired at the embassy in Baghdad’s so-called Green Zone on Thursday. One of those sources said the embassy’s anti-missile defence system prevented one of the missiles from reaching the target. The second rocket fell just outside the Green Zone. Sirens blared on the embassy grounds, where government offices and foreign missions are located.

Fourteen rockets had previously been fired at an army base with US troops in Anbar province. According to insiders, at least two Americans were slightly injured. Iraqi military sources say the attackers mounted a rocket launcher on a truck. It was found burning in the area.

A drone attack is also said to have been carried out this week at an airport in northern Iraq’s Erbil. There is also an American base there. US targets in Iraq are coming under more frequent fire. Dozens of attacks have been reported since the beginning of the year.

The US retaliated last month by bombing pro-Iranian militias in the Iraq-Syria border region. Those armed groups then swore revenge again. At least four people were reported to have been killed in the US airstrikes.

Washington has about 2,500 troops stationed in Iraq. They are part of an international coalition and support the local armed forces in the fight against the remnants of the terrorist organization Islamic State.

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