Mayor of the City Near Kyiv Calls on Residents to Leave

Several Russian troops near the border with Ukraine are returning to their permanent army bases due to the completion of exercises, the Russian news agency Interfax reported based on the Ministry of Defense.


The announcement comes at a time when other countries are deeply concerned about the threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

It is not immediately clear how many soldiers are involved. The ministry has told Interfax that large-scale exercises in the country will continue. A number of units in southern and western districts have already finished, according to a spokesman, and are therefore returning.

According to the United States, Russia has gathered some 130,000 soldiers near its border with neighbouring Ukraine. The Americans think that an attack may take place this week. However, the Kremlin has repeatedly denied that there are any plans for this and sees the movement of troops in its own country as an internal matter.

Several countries are in talks to de-escalate the situation around Ukraine, including with the leaders of Ukraine and Russia. Several countries have called on Moscow to reduce tensions. The departure of Russian soldiers from Ukraine may contribute to this.

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