CloudFlare Acquires App Scanner Vectrix

Cloudflare, best known for its network security services, has announced that it has acquired Vectrix. That company specializes in detecting threats in SaaS applications.


With the acquisition of Vectrix, CloudFlare aims to strengthen its Zero Trust platform, Cloudflare One. For example, security teams will soon scan third-party tools, including Google Workspace, GitHub and AWS.

In this way, various problems can be avoided, such as inappropriate file sharing and misconfigurations of user rights.

“Tens of thousands of organizations rely on our Zero Trust platform to keep their teams and data safe,” said Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare.

“With the arrival of the Vectrix team, we can build CloudFlare One into the fastest, most secure and most robust Zero Trust platform for enterprises,” the ambition is.

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