Hong Kong Creates New National Security Crimes

Hong Kong’s security forces are on the move on Thursday to prevent demonstrations. Authorities in the metropolis celebrate 24 years since the United Kingdom handed over the prosperous area to China.


A large protest march was not allowed to take place formally because of the corona pandemic.

In many districts, the police is evident in the streets. There are police buses, water cannons and armoured vehicles. Police officers also patrol the streets. There would be about 10,000 police officers on the leg. Local media reports that the permanent protest location Victoria Park has been closed down.

Hong Kong has been the scene of large-scale anti-government protests in recent years, but peace has largely returned. This is partly due to the corona measures and a controversial security law introduced by China. This gives the authorities more power to deal with activists.

The festivities included a flag ceremony in Victoria Harbour. Hong Kong’s second man, John Lee, acted as acting leader of the semi-autonomous metropolis. His political boss Carrie Lam had to go to Beijing for the centenary of the Chinese Communist Party, which will be celebrated on the same day.

Lee emphasized in his speech that the authorities remain committed to “protecting national security”.

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