Belarus Accuses Poland of Mistreating Migrants

Belarus accuses the Polish security services of assaulting migrants who tried to cross the border into Poland. Tensions between the two countries are increasing due to the migrant crisis in the border area.


The Belarusian Border Guard declares that four Kurds have been beaten up. In released images, the men can be seen with blood on their clothes and hands, among other things. “According to the refugees, they were being held on the territory of Poland, where they had applied for protection and refugee status.”

Based on the “numerous injuries”, Belarus concludes that the Polish security services assaulted the men and then violently pushed them behind a barbed-wire fence at the border with Belarus. The Belarusian border guard reports that the four are receiving medical help.

Belarus, in turn, is accused of intimidation by Poland. The Polish Ministry of Defense has shared videos on Twitter of migrants at the border frightened by gunfire. Belarus would have unloaded them.

Hundreds of migrants sleep in the cold in a makeshift tent camp near the border with Poland. They hope to enter the European Union through that country. According to Poland, Belarus helps migrants from, for example, Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq with their illegal crossing. In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, migrants again attempted to enter Poland.

Since Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko no longer stops migrants from travelling to the European Union in response to EU sanctions, more and more migrants are opting for the route via Belarus. Neighbouring countries Poland, Latvia and Lithuania have reinforced the borders. The EU Member States have declared a state of emergency in the border areas.

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