South Korean Law Would Abolish App Store Commission

Apple will track and disclose requests from governments to remove apps from its App Store. These are requests submitted to Apple because the app in question violates laws or regulations in a country, Apple reports in its Friday published transparency report.


The first report in which Apple includes the number of removal requests consists of the second half of 2018. Apple will probably publish the report about that period in a year, writes iStorify.

The published transparency reports from Apple show that the Dutch government requested information from 269 devices in 2017. This concerns, for example, information about the owner. In forty cases, Apple provided the required information.

The Netherlands also asked for information from 34 iTunes or iCloud accounts in 2017. This concerns, for example, the name and address of the owner. This kind of information was provided in 27 cases. The contents of the accounts, such as stored photos, e-mails and backups, were never handed over.

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