US and UAE Want A Deal on the Sale of F35 Aircraft in December

The United States and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) hope to have a draft agreement on the sale of advanced F35 fighters in early December.


Possibilities to make those devices more visible to Israeli radar systems are still being explored, and insiders tell Reuters news agency.

Washington traditionally does not sell weapons to Middle Eastern powers that can alter the balance of power to the detriment of Israel.

The US government wants to prevent the so-called “qualitative military preponderance” of that critical ally from being compromised.

As a result, Arab countries have not yet gained access to the F-35. Israel already has that device. This is also known as the Joint Strike Fighter and has been sold to the Netherlands, among others.

The UAE would also like to buy the device and recently also signed a deal with Israel on the normalization of the mutual relationship.

According to sources, it is now planned that a first agreement on the sale of devices to the UAE is on the table before December 2. That is an essential holiday in that golf state.

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