Amazon Stops Dark Patterns, But Only in Europe

Amazon Victim of large-scale Fraud by Hackers. Amazon says it has fallen victim to an “extensive fraud,” according to reports.


In 2018, hackers were able to transfer money from sales accounts to their bank accounts for six months.

Hackers are said to have broken into about a hundred sales accounts to put money in their bank accounts,

 according to a British law document.

It concerns money from loans and sales from traders.

According to Amazon lawyers, the hack took place between May and October 2018.

Amazon is investigating the affected accounts.

The company assumes that the cybercriminals could change information on the accounts of the sellers.

It is not apparent what kind of damage the hackers have caused.

It is also unknown how the criminals gained access to the accounts.

Amazon has urged the court to gain access to bank details because they can be linked to the criminals.

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