Foreign Exchange Rate Biden: Tough on China, Strengthening Old Ties

A group of former top soldiers supports Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. According to the letter seen by Reuters news agency, this includes the former second man of the Pentagon, retired general Paul Selva.


Selva’s name, who retired last year, is on a list of 489 public figures who want to get rid of current President Donald Trump. They feel that he is no match for the “enormous responsibilities” he has as president.

Trump’s stance “has made us lose the trust and respect of our allies and our enemies no longer fear us,” the group’s letter said. It calls itself ‘National Security Leaders For Biden’ and consists of former military personnel as well as former diplomats and other former top figures.

It is not the first time that prominent figures have turned against Trump, but it is unusual for an essential ex-military like Selva to speak out against a president he has served under openly. In addition to Selva, former Coast Guard chief Paul Zukunft has also joined the initiative.

Trump presents himself as a leader who cares about the armed forces but acknowledges that he has a tense relationship with his military leadership. “I’m not saying the whole army is in love with me. They are the soldiers,” the president said earlier.

“The top people in the Pentagon probably aren’t, because they just want to fight wars, so all those great companies that make the bombs and the planes and the rest stay happy.”

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