Signal Gets Spam Reporting

On Signal, it is now possible to block numbers and mark them as spam. The service tries to identify spammers without viewing the encrypted messages.


Since last summer, it has been possible to message users on messaging app Signal if they are not in your address book. You can reject and block those requests, but an option to report spammers didn’t exist until now.

From now on, you can block and report messages as spam. The organization notes that it cannot see which messages are sent due to end-to-end encryption but has no view of profile photos or profile information. But if a number is often marked as spam, the owner of that number will be asked to prove that it is not a spam bot, for example, in the form of a captcha.

In this way, Signal prevents messages from being forwarded for checking, something WhatsApp does, albeit to a minimal extent.

Another security measure is that message requests containing a link are no longer presented as links, making it more difficult to click on them (accidentally or not).

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