Microsoft Narrows Largest Public Cloud Player

With revenue of $408.6 billion last year, the public cloud continues to grow. Although there are many players active, it is noticeable that the largest players are growing faster and Microsoft takes the most market share among those large.


Last year, public cloud services grew 29 percent to more than $400 billion in revenue, market analyst IDC calculated. 14.4 percent of that went to Microsoft which is so close to being the market leader with AWS in second place with 13.7 percent. The rest of the top five consists of Salesforce, Google and SAP.

IDC notes that the 29 percent growth isn’t everything. It also makes a selection of so-called ‘foundational cloud services’, services specifically for digital-first strategies. The growth there is 38.5 percent and Amazon has a 40 percent market share there compared to 21.9 percent for Microsoft (Azure).

Within the public cloud, software-as-a-service (SaaS) is the largest segment, accounting for $177.8 billion in revenue or 43.5 percent of the total. Here, Microsoft is the largest with a market share of 10.9 percent, followed by Salesforce (9.9 percent) and SAP (4.5 percent). With 23.5 percent growth (compared to 2020), it is also the smallest grower in the public cloud, but also the most mature segment, notes IDC.

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