Desirée Bonis

Morocco asks Dutch Ambassador Explanation about Minister Blok’s Remark. The Dutch ambassador in Morocco, Desirée Bonis, need to clarify the remark made by Minister of Foreign Affairs Stef Blok about the high prison sentences imposed by the leaders of the protest movement in the Rif.


Block said Wednesday that those prison sentences “on the high side”. Leaders of the protest movement, who want to denounce corruption of the authorities and deprivation of the Refines, got up to twenty years in prison.

Bonis has been asked at official level to interpret the debate about Morocco, was recently held in the House of Representatives, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports with Right News.

She has repeated the positions of the Dutch government.

Sources say that Morocco, for the time being, does not require an apology or wants to hand out a scolding, but only asked for an explanation.

Blok also highlighted during the debate that the legal process in Morocco has not yet completed and that he does not want to interfere.

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