Wopke Hoekstra

Tax Authorities again Struggle with the Collection and Withholding Tax. The tax authorities confront new problems in the collection of the inheritance and gift tax. The issues have come to light on Tuesday and can have significant results for the national budget, said Minister Wopke Hoekstra (Finance) Wednesday during the debate on the Spring Memorandum, reports Citi News.


Last year, the Treasury ran out of 396 million pounds because the tax authorities were unable to collect all taxes due on inheritances and gifts.

That gap would be made up this year, but according to Hoekstra that will probably not work either.

However, he was not yet able to say anything about the precise size of the problem and the impact on the national budget. State Secretary Menno Snel will quickly come up with details, Hoekstra promised.

Hoekstra did not put up with chairs or couches that he was upset about the course of events. “I also jumped out of my own,” he stated.

The minister assured that “completed the work with all the power and the power” to solve the problems and to make up for the arrears.

He emphasised that the problems are “a sign” of much broader issues at the tax authorities.

It has been striving for much longer with the aftermath of a reorganisation that has gotten out of hand and a failed renewal of IT systems.

It will take years before all these problems are solved, Hoekstra repeated once again. “The leak is far from over”, according to the minister.

He also thinks that it took too long before he was informed of the new problems.

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