Maltese Minister Justyne Caruana Leaves After Five Days

Maltese Minister Justyne Caruana leaves after five days because her husband is allegedly connected with the alleged brain behind the assassination attempt on investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.


The minister emphasised in her letter of resignation “that she has nothing to do with the murder”.

The Maltese newspaper The Times of Malta reported yesterday that the minister’s husband Silvio Valletta, together with businessman Yorgen Fenech, had been to a football game in England.

Fenech has been charged with involvement in the murder of Galizia, who died in 2017 after her car exploded by a car bomb.

The journalist mainly wrote about corruption within the government and the business world.

Valletta was involved as a deputy police commissioner in the murder case. Caruana was sworn in on Wednesday as the minister of the island of Gozo, which is part of Malta.

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