Where Can I Get Scaffolding Contractors Insurance?

Scaffolding contractors generally have three options for getting insurance. They can obtain scaffolder insurance quotes through a direct insurer, use a broker, or search for scaffolding contractor quotes using online comparison sites (these can connect you with both insurers and brokers).

Working at height brings about its own unique set of dangers, and having the correct insurance is essential. Scaffolders will need to guard against things like on-site injuries, damage from falling debris and protect tools and equipment from theft or damage. There is also the threat of claims being brought by third parties against your scaffolding business.

Members of the public or employees may pursue legal action for accidents and injuries caused or damage that affects personal property.  For this reason, scaffolding contractors will need to make sure adequate coverage is purchased. In addition, clients may require insurance that you perform work for who want to make sure that their property is legally protected in the event of any incidents.

Public liability insurance for scaffolding contractors

To guard against third-party injury and damage claims, public liability insurance will be needed by scaffolders. Although not legally required, this insurance is fundamental to protect scaffolders from costs that occur from claims. If a claim is brought from a third-party against the company and public liability insurance is not in place, the scaffolding business or business owner can be liable financially. This can include compensation payments and medical costs related to injuries and any legal fees incurred.

Public liability may be required by clients or other businesses that are using your scaffolding company’s services. This can be especially true in the case of government offices or local authority premises. These business entities will need to be assured of appropriate coverage before allowing work to be carried out on their buildings. The provision will require proof of insurance of a certificate of insurance. This will often be re-validated on an annual basis to verify the continuation of coverage.

Scaffolder insurance quote

Public liability insurance quotes for scaffolders can be obtained from online comparison sites. Alternatively, you could speak with an insurance company agent or engage the services of an insurance broker. Though the latter two options can take longer to survey the market and may be limited in the products offered.

Owing to the nature of the business, quotes for scaffolders often run higher than the typical public liability insurance policy. The average annual premium is typically quite reasonable for standard businesses, but the yearly payment can be up to 6 or 7 times more than the average for scaffolders. The higher payment reflects the perceived risks associated with the scaffolding business.

There is a risk of falling items, injury from badly constructed scaffolding, loose planking, or property damage along with slips and trips. Policy coverage limits vary and can range from £1 million to £10 million and higher. The policy’s size can depend on variables like the size of the scaffolding business and the number of employees. There may also be a minimum coverage limit required by the clients you are providing services for.

Cheap scaffolding insurance

As with most insurances, it is advisable to shop around to make sure you are getting the best deal. However, cheap does not always equate to the best. Making sure your business has adequate coverage limits in place will be more important for your business than simply finding the lowest premium.

To limit exposure from claims, it will be necessary to assess how much coverage is required. There is also the matter of the excess payment, which you pay out of pocket towards a claim. A higher excess can mean a lower premium, but you will need to make sure that you can cover any upfront payments.

Scaffolder insurance discounts can be helped by things like:

Carefully comparing all of the factors for your policy may mean paying a slightly higher annual premium but could provide better protection against claims in the long run.

How much is scaffolder insurance?

Because all work is performed at height, scaffolding companies fall into a higher risk category, meaning that premiums are substantially higher than the norm. Costs for scaffolding public liability insurance can run up to £700 or £800 a year for a small business, making it more costly than public liability insurance for many other types of business. (In contrast, annual premiums for public liability insurance for low-risk businesses like being a tutor come in under £100.) Fees may also be increased by adding coverage for tools and equipment or adding professional indemnity cover, insurance that protects against compensation claims that arise due to work mistakes or negligence.

And employers’ liability costs will also be higher than normal for a scaffolding business, again due to the job’s risk level.

When comparing quotes for scaffolder insurance, make sure to opt for customizable coverage and check reviews for each company. Use a comparison site to check quotes from multiple insurance providers as premiums can vary to be sure you’re not overpaying.

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