Meghan Calls With Michelle Obama to Vote for Americans

Prince Harry has had it and sues British Press. The British Prince Harry has filed a lawsuit against The Sun and the Daily Mirror.


The newspapers hacked his phone and illegally listened to his voicemail messages, Buckingham Palace claims.

A spokesperson for Newsgroup Newspapers, the parent company of The Sun,

 confirms that the Duke of Sussex has filed a complaint.

“We have no comments at the moment”, is the reaction.

Earlier this week, the Duke of Sussex also filed a complaint against the Mail on Sunday.

That newspaper had published a private letter from Harry’s wife Meghan to her father without permission.

The parent company Associated Newspapers was also sued because, according to the Sussexes, the media company is engaged in a campaign “to spread false and deliberately derogatory stories” about them.

The letter mentioned also falls under this.

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