US Attorney William Barr Resigns

United States Attorney General William Barr is considering submitting his resignation before the end of President Donald Trump’s term, according to The New York Times and CNN.


Barr ranks as one of Trump’s most loyal allies. Still, the president expressed his disappointment after Barr said earlier that he had seen no evidence of massive fraud in the presidential election.

Trump then left open whether he wanted to keep Barr, calling the Justice Department a “disappointment.” When a reporter asked if he still trusts Barr, Trump said, “Ask me in a few weeks.”

Trump pushed Barr forward as a minister in December 2018 after Jeff Sessions resigned at Trump’s request. Barr has not yet made a final decision, according to CNN.

Current President Trump does not recognize Democrat Joe Biden’s election victory even weeks after the election and presents himself as a victim of massive electoral fraud.

He has not provided evidence for this but continues to make efforts to reverse the result through legal action.

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