China Orders Disinfection of International Mail for Fear of Corona

The death toll from the coronavirus outbreak in Germany has increased by 18 to 8729. Another 318 new infections have been reported in the past 24 hours, the Robert Koch Institut (RKI) announced.


In Germany, 184,861 people have now been diagnosed with the infectious virus. The vast majority of those people have already recovered, according to authorities.

The so-called reproduction number, which indicates how fast the coronavirus spreads, is still at 1.11. This means that the outbreak is on the increase again.

A reproduction number of 1 is considered a crucial limit. Then each patient infects one other person on average.

The German health authorities have warned that the reproduction number is subject to daily fluctuations.

They, therefore, measure it over seven days. The so-called Seven Days R is according to the latest score at 0.9.

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