Taiwan and US Perpetuate Defensive Pact Against China

Chinese Diplomats Deported to US Espionage

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Chinese Diplomats Deported to US Espionage. Two employees of the Chinese Embassy in the United States were secretly expelled from the country in September for espionage.   The New York Times writes that based on six people with knowledge of the matter. It is the first time in thirty years […]

Thousands March through Taiwan Capital in East Asia's Largest Pride Parade

Thousands March through Taiwan Capital in East Asia’s Largest Pride Parade

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Within the Taiwanese money Taipei, 170,000 to 200,000 individuals participated in the Pride Parade on Weekend. Individuals waved rainbow flags to express their assistance for your recently accepted LGBT relationship.   Taiwan was the first Asian region in May to enable marriage between two individuals of the same sexual intercourse. […]

US President

Trump Promises Rapid Progress Denuclearisation North Korea

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Trump Promises Rapid progress Denuclearisation North Korea. US President Donald Trump has promised at a press conference after his historic meeting with the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un that the agreements on denuclearisation of North Korea will come into effect soon.   Declaration of the intent US and North Korea […]