WikiLeaks Founder Assange Allowed to Marry Mother of His Two Children in Prison

WikiLeaks founder and whistleblower Julian Assange have lost an appeal on appeal to prevent America from extending its appeal against the extradition refusal.


The US wants to try the 50-year-old Assange for espionage, but a British judge previously rejected the extradition request because Assange is psychologically exhausted and at risk of committing suicide.

Now, however, another court has ruled that the United States may extend its appeal in two additional areas: the judge’s misjudgment of Assange’s suicide risk and the fact that Assange’s psychiatric report misled the court.

Judge Holroyde ruled in the US’s favour, stating that he believes psychiatrist Michael Kopelman’s evidence should have been given less weight when the original decision was made. Assange himself appeared in court via video link. Dozens of Australian sympathizers gathered in front of the courthouse, including his partner Stella Moris and former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The US appeal against the extradition will be heard on October 27 and 28. If extradited, Assange faces 175 years in prison for distributing classified documents about the US presence in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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