Campaign to Liberate Princess Latifa Stopped After Photo in Iceland

The campaign to free Princess Latifa of Dubai from her father’s power has been halted after a photo was published showing her in Iceland. Latifa is pictured with her cousin and British woman Sioned Taylor.


According to the campaign team, the cousin of 35-year-old Latifa, Marcus Essabri said he was happy to see her. “I feel blessed to be able to spend time with her. It reassured me that she looked good and was focused on her goals,” Essabri is said to have said, according to the FreeLatifa campaign.

The campaign has spent the last three years fighting to ensure that “Princess Latifa can live the life she wants”. Earlier this year, British broadcaster BBC released footage of Latifa saying she is being held against her will by her father, Sheikh Mohammed of Dubai.

In 2018, Latifa attempted to flee by boat but was recaptured by military commandos. Her father called it a rescue. The princess then said she wanted to do “normal things” like study or travel.

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