Spotify Launches Blend Feature to Mix Friends Playlists

How ‘in sync’ are you with your best friend? Spotify’s new Blend feature now makes it possible to test your music compatibility.


Blend has been in a test version for a while but will be officially rolled out to all users worldwide this week. It’s a personalized shared playlist that mixes your favourite songs with a friend’s.

That not only produces a nice list of tracks. Two users who create a Blend also receive a Taste Match Score that shows how similar or unique their listening preferences are compared to their friends. On top of that, Spotify shows you the specific song that brings you together.

To create a Blend, proceed as follows:
– Tap Make a Blend in the Made for You hub on your smartphone.
– Click Invite to select a friend who can join your Blend via a messenger like WhatsApp.
– Once the other person accepts your invitation, Spotify will generate custom cover art and a playlist for the two of you, filled with songs that match your listening preferences and tastes

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