Biden Not Planning to Attend Charles's Coronation

US President Joe Biden is closely following the trial that started Monday around the heavy-handed arrest and death of black American George Floyd.


He will certainly keep a close eye on it, as Americans across the country will, a spokeswoman said.

After Floyd’s death, Biden spoke of it as “an event that really wounded the American public,” said the spokeswoman. Floyd’s death in May last year sparked fierce protests against racism and police brutality.

At the trial, white ex-cop Derek Chauvin is on trial for murder and manslaughter. A lawyer for the Floyd survivors spoke of a groundbreaking trial and compared it to a referendum on justice and equality in the United States.

After Floyd was arrested and handcuffed to the floor, Chauvin pressed his knee to the victim’s neck for minutes. Floyd lost consciousness and died. The prosecution says Chauvin has “shamed” his police badge by his “outrageous” crackdown on the unarmed Floyd.

The handcuffed African American pleaded 27 times for more air, but Chauvin would not let go, the prosecution said.

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