On Wednesday, A Decision Will be Taken on Trump's Facebook Profile

In the US, it will be decided tomorrow whether former President Donald Trump will remain banned from Facebook.


The social network’s independent control commission will announce its decision on the matter by 3 pm our time. The so-called Oversight Board can revoke management decisions.

Facebook blocked Trump’s account in January just before the end of his tenure. The reason for this was the storming of the Capitol by his supporters and the fact that the president expressed his sympathy for them and continued to claim without evidence that the presidential election had been fraudulent.

That is why Twitter also banned Trump from his platform. Unlike Facebook, this messaging service already made it clear that there is no going back for the ex-president. His Twitter account had more than 80 million followers and was Trump’s main channel of communication.

Facebook has a control commission made up of legal scholars, activists, and former politicians who can control decisions made by the social medium about interacting with specific individuals and content. In the few decisions the Oversight Board has made, it has reversed multiple content blocks by Facebook.

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