Australia Opens Borders to Students and Workers

The European Commission wants to allow vaccinated tourists from outside the European Union again.


According to the union’s executive committee, even those who have not yet been vaccinated but come from a country that knows how to curb the coronavirus sufficiently should be able to travel to the EU again.

Now pleasure trips to the EU are only possible for residents of a handful of countries. There could be a lot more shortly, the committee believes.

She wants to relax the standards and allow unnecessary travel from countries with a higher contamination rate than is currently the case. The EU Member States have yet to agree to the proposal.

It is essential that the EU is wary of new, dangerous variants of the virus, the committee says.

That is why the EU should be able to intervene quickly if things suddenly go wrong abroad. The union must then be able to restrict travel traffic from that country with an ’emergency brake’.

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