Microsoft Narrows Largest Public Cloud Player

“Microsoft No longer delivers Windows to Huawei.” Microsoft is also pulling its hands off Huawei and from now on providing no more Windows licenses or other services to the Chinese tech giant, according to reports on Friday based on sources involved in the case.


Microsoft will continue to support its operating system on existing Huawei laptops,

 but will no longer provide Windows for new laptops.

The delivery of other services, not specified, would also be stopped.

Earlier this week, Google withdrew the license to use the Android operating system for Huawei smartphones,

 after the US declared that the company would be blacklisted.

It means that American companies are limited in doing business with Huawei.

The United States fears espionage
Those sanctions have been postponed for three months.

When these take effect, American companies are no longer entitled to provide products or services to the Chinese company.

Huawei has announced its alternative to Android in the fall.

The US government worries that Huawei’s networks will be used for espionage.

According to the US, Huawei would actively cooperate with Chinese intelligence services.

Microsoft was not prepared to respond to the message on Friday.

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