Germany Wants to Amend Legal Texts From the Nazi Period

Germany does not recommend travelling to some Spanish regions due to coronavirus outbreaks. These include Catalonia with the city of Barcelona and the seaside resorts of the Costa Brava.


No negative advice has been given for the Balearic and Canary Islands, which are very popular with Germans.

It is not an official travel warning. Berlin comes up with the advice shortly after Britain took action because of the outbreaks in Spain.

The British government decided on Saturday evening that all people coming from Spain to the United Kingdom should be quarantined for a fortnight. The decision was terrible in Madrid.

Spain calls measures out of proportion.

German travel advice has not fallen well in Catalonia. “We are not going to evaluate the decisions of other countries, but of course we do not share this,” said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Catalonia region.

“The Catalan government is responsible, and we work to protect the life and health of the people who live or visit us here.”

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