Mass Layoff at Meta: Parent Company Facebook and Whatsapp Cut 11,000 Jobs

John Pinette, who has been the head of communications for Facebook for the past three years, now renamed Meta, is leaving the company.


Pinette has provided communications for the beleaguered company since 2019. “We thank John for his positive contributions during an intense period in the company’s history,” a Meta spokesperson said in a press release.

John Pinette has been the head of communications at the social media giant since 2019. During that period, he had to arrange communication about leaked reports that Facebook was trying to track Android users, leaked reports that show that Facebook allows political interference by dictatorial regimes, leaked documents showing that Facebook knows that its platforms are causing damage, and a whole series of fines related to monopoly and abuse of power.

It’s not clear why Pinette is leaving now or where he might go. Before he started working at Facebook, he worked for Google and Microsoft. He will be replaced in his role for the time being by Chris Norton, previously vice president of International Communications.

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