Israel Starts Fourth Jab for the Elderly

AstraZeneca posted sales of $ 275 million with its corona vaccine in the first quarter.


It is the first time that the pharmaceutical company has released financial details about the distribution and yield of the vaccine.

AstraZeneca had previously indicated that it would not make a profit on the product that it offers at cost price during the pandemic.

AstraZeneca co-developed the vaccine with the University of Oxford and is now approved for use in more than 100 countries.

A total of 68 million doses were billed in the first quarter, AstraZeneca supposed. That is further specified in revenues of $ 224 million for Europe, $ 43 million in “emerging markets”, and $ 8 million in “the rest of the world”.

AstraZeneca has delivered more than 300 million doses of its vaccine worldwide to date.

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