Bottle with Nerve Gas Novichok Found at Victim's Home

Bottle with Nerve Gas Novichok Found at Victim’s Home. Detectives have found the source of the contamination of two Britons with the nerve gas Novichok. In the house of Charlie Rowley, one of the two victims, a bottle was found containing the deadly poison.


Rowley is now in a stable state at the hospital, but his girlfriend, the 44-year-old Dawn Sturgess, is now deceased by the nerve gas.

It is not clear where the bottle came from and how it ended up in the house of Rowley in Amesbury. Rowley is in the hospital but is now conscious.

Novitsjok was used in the attack on the former Russian double spy Sergej Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury. Amesbury is close by. Skripal and his daughter survived the attack.

The British were afraid that the Russian secret agents, after the failed liquidation of the Skripals, carelessly handled the remains of the drug and that two innocent civilians had come into contact with the nerve gas.

Man and power, therefore, spent the last few days looking for the place of contamination to prevent more victims from falling.

The police call the discovery of the bottle, the contents of which have been analysed in the laboratory, ‘a good development’, but emphasises that the research is not finished yet. “We can not guarantee that there are no more remains.”

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