Biden Wants to De-Escalate Conflict With Russia

Gamblers who bet money on Joe Biden’s election victory don’t have to wait for their money at an Australian bookmaker.


Sportsbet has announced, according to Australian media, that it has already paid out about 23 million Australian dollars.

Gamblers had wagered more than 100,000 times at Sportsbet to win the former vice president, who is up against President Donald Trump.

The battle for the White House is still undecided, according to American media, but the gambling company does not think the victory can escape Biden.

“Post votes and potential lawsuits could take weeks to get official, but we’ve seen enough. So why should we keep gamblers waiting?” The company said.

According to a spokeswoman, this has the “greatest confidence” that the Democrat will eventually be able to sit in the Oval Office of the White House.

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