Trump Sued by Police Officers for Storming the Capitol

A number of elected Republican officials have distanced themselves from US President Donald Trump’s claims of fraud in the current election.


The president reiterated his baseless allegations of electoral fraud against Democrats at a White House press conference Thursday night.

“This is really getting insane,” said Adam Kinzinger, a Republican Congressman from Illinois. Legitimate concerns about fraud should be addressed through the legal system. He disapproved of spreading “disinformation”. Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey said he doesn’t see any evidence of fraud.

“The president’s statements tonight, which undermine our democratic process, cannot be defended. America counts the votes, and we must accept the results as we always have,” said Maryland Republican Governor Larry Hogan.

Michigan Congressman Paul Mitchell denounced Trump’s statements. “If anyone has evidence of wrongdoing, it must be presented and resolved. Anything done in any other way damages the integrity of our elections and is dangerous to our democracy.”

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