19 Year Old British Woman Convicted in Cyprus for Fabricated Rape

In Cyprus, a 19-year-old British woman was convicted of having made up a group rape. According to her lawyer, the woman has not received a fair trial.


The woman would have admitted that she had filed a false complaint against 12 Israelis because she was ashamed of video footage of which she had sex.

The young British woman initially claimed that 12 Israeli young men between the ages of 15 and 22 had raped her in July in her hotel room in Ayia Napa, a popular resort in eastern Cyprus.

Ten days later she withdrew her complaint again, after which she was arrested and had to hand over her passport. However, according to the woman’s defence, the Cypriot police have pressured her to admit that she had lied about the case. The police deny that.

The woman has now been sentenced for allegedly inventing the rape and trying to mislead the court.

According to the judge, the woman has admitted to investigators that she has lied. She would have developed the group rape because she was embarrassed when she found out she was filmed while having sex with one of the young men.

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