More Than 4.5 Million Corona Deaths Worldwide

“It’s a nightmare. I feel like I’m on a battlefield.” In a letter to our editorial staff, a young Italian doctor describes the terrible scenes he sees every day in Italian hospitals.


More deaths have already occurred in Italy from the new coronavirus than in China, where the epidemic began.

“It’s a nightmare. I feel like I’m on a battlefield. Today, four patients have died in my ward alone. Patients are constantly being transferred to intensive care or the critical area of the crisis ward,” said the Radio 1 letter.

The program “Behind the Facts” received from a young doctor from Italy. The man wishes to testify anonymously.

He is 31 years old and an assistant abdominal surgery. Wednesday was his first day in one of the corona crisis centres in Italy. To curb the crisis, Italian public health has brought together doctors with other specializations and now assistants.

But it all goes wrong, as the letter from the young doctor describes what he sees in the Italian hospitals. “Dozens of patients come from the emergency department. You put them in the empty beds that you just made available, if everything goes well.

Patients, who may have COVID-19, are immediately transferred to patients who have already tested positive because there is no time and there are not enough resources to test them or wait for the results. “

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