Experts Denounce US Health Policy, Call for Reform

US President Donald Trump no longer seems to make it a secret that he is annoyed by his top medical adviser Anthony Fauci. Trump shared a Twitter message that said “Time to #FireFauci”: It’s time to fire Fauci.


The prominent virologist previously argued that more American lives could have been saved if drastic measures were taken more quickly to combat the spread of the virus. Some 22,000 have been killed in the United States since the outbreak began.

Trump has just defended his approach to the pandemic. The president has been annoyed with Fauci for some time behind closed doors, according to The New York Times, but is now also making this publicly clear.

The president shared a tweet from a Republican politician. She wrote, “Fauci now claims that Trump could have saved more lives if he had listened to the medical experts.”

She stated that the virologist claimed at the end of February that there was nothing to worry about and ended with a call for his dismissal.

In his retweet, the president points to the travel restrictions he imposed on people who have been in China in early February.

Still, tens of thousands of Americans and other people, who were not subject to the restrictions, were able to travel from China to the U.S. afterwards.

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