EU Court Considers Data Processing Facebook

Facebook has launched Quiet Mode, a tool designed to help users stay away from social media for a while.


The tool lets you limit your use of the mobile app. When silent Mode is on, push notifications are turned off, and your Facebook cannot open in principle.

Now that more people are sitting at home and can no longer go out in real life with their friends and family, they are increasingly focusing on social media.

However, this may lead to mental problems such as depression and fears, especially if those platforms are full of often incorrect messages. Facebook has had ways on board to monitor your use of the network or not. However, this new feature goes a step further.

Quiet Mode can be found in the settings, at Your Time on Facebook. Here you can manage your time and indicate that Quiet Mode is on for several hours while you work, for example.

If you try to use Facebook during this period, you will receive a message telling you how long your ‘break’ was planned. You can give yourself the option to use the app for fifteen minutes.

The feature will be rolled out worldwide, initially on iPhone. She should be available on the Android version in May.

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