Trump is Confident That Tiger Woods Will Return to the Top Level

Former President of the United States Donald Trump is one of many prominent figures worldwide who have expressed support for golfer Tiger Woods, severely injured in a car accident.


“He returns to the highest level. There is no doubt about that”, says Trump about the world top player, with whom he sometimes hit a ball.

“It’s a tragedy,” Trump continues. “Tiger has had a difficult time due to his back problems, but it got better and better.

He has had to overcome many setbacks. However, Tiger has an incredible life and he will in the future too. And there will be more great successes.”

Barack Obama, Trump’s predecessor in the White House, also wished Woods a speedy recovery.

“We all pray for a speedy recovery for this golf GOAT (Greatest of all Time). If I’ve learned one thing over the years is that you should never write off Tiger Woods. Now we sympathize with him and his family.”

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