Sony Aims to Acquire More Game Studios

Maker of game console PlayStation Sony aims to acquire more game studios and wants to increase investments in, among other things, live services and mobile and PC applications. That said the head of the game department of the Japanese company.


According to Jim Ryan, chairman of Sony Interactive Entertainment, the company isn’t done expanding its PlayStation Studios yet. In recent months, Sony has already expanded its game division after acquiring Bungie, the former Microsoft studio behind games such as Halo and Destiny. Especially the latter game, a popular so-called first-person shooter, is an asset to Sony. With Destiny, the company wants to compete with Activision’s hugely popular Call of Duty.

Sony already spends nearly half of its PlayStation 5 investment budget on the development and growth of live services and aims to increase that percentage to 55 percent by 2025. According to Ryan, Sony’s presence in that part of the gaming industry has so far been of little significance, beyond its presence on PC and mobile. The company expects net sales of $300 million for PCs for the current fiscal year alone, nearly quadrupling from last year’s $80 million.

As for hardware, Sony said that the PlayStation 5 delivery issues will be over by next year, with this computer surpassing the PlayStation 4 in sales. The production of the PlayStation 5, of which 10 million were sold in record time, is struggling with shortages of parts and also logistical problems that make the consoles less available.

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